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Smartsheet is very SLOW today

Bill Stadler
Bill Stadler ✭✭
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Smartsheet is very slow to load, type in a cell switch sheets, pretty much everything for all of our users.  This started somtime around 10:30AM CST today.


Is this on our end or Smartsheets end?





  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    This came across a few hours ago (see also http://status.smartsheet.com/)


    Informational Update
    Incident Report for Smartsheet
    New Incident Status: Monitoring
    Some users of the Smartsheet application are reporting issues when attempting to access the application. At this time, we have verified that the Smartsheet application is functioning normally and that this problem is an external network event causing general connectivity issues for users in specific regions.
    Jan 26, 10:03 PST


    You might be in a "specified region"



  • What are the "specified regions"

  • Hi Regina,


    We don't have this type of information, as this isn't an issue with Smartsheet, but an overall Internet issue with multiple websites in specific regions.


    You might be able to load certain websites quickly, and you might find a few that load slowly or don't load at all (such as Smartsheet).

  • I am in Denver an d have not been able to log in since 10:45ish. Any advise on fixing this. All my other internet is working, only Smartsheet won't allow me to log in


  • esentz
    esentz ✭✭

    Hello guys


    can you explain why SS is slow today and not the rest of the internet? it is seriously slow....not great for our end of month

  • I highly doubt this is a "regional" thing.  Is there anything that you can link to that would indicate this other than just saying this?


    I'm unable to login at all through Chrome.  I'm able to do a little, albeit slowly, through Edge.

  • Apologies great Smartsheet, though it didn't work for a few hours, just after I posted my trouble it started working again. Yeah! Can't live without it I notice


  • Myself and several co-workers are down in the Dayton Ohio area.  Seems like this is a smartsheet issue and not a regional issue as noted.  


    No other internet traffic seems to be affected, on my machine or the coworkers I've checked with.

  • Moshe Nativ
    edited 01/26/17

    Multiple users observing the same performance issue noted above. 

    Smartsheet load exteremely slow, as well as 'Save' action. 


    Observed in San Francisco, as well as tunneling from Virginia and Minnesota.  

    Does 'regional' means 'the entire US'? Is there an ETA for resolution?

  • T.G.
    T.G. ✭✭
    edited 01/26/17

    Unable to work due to Smartsheet loading issues from around 10am on. Still not resolved. All of our other internet based programs are working FAST. The issue is on Smartsheet's end. When will this be resolved?

  • Same issues in Orange County via browser, no issues with iOS app. Most unfortunate, have a meeting with our CEO this afternoon to sell the concept.

  • Our Smartsheet has been getting slowly worse over tha last few days and today is unusable (same issues as above), we are in New Zealand so the regional issue is going a long way south.


  • My internet connectivity in Chicago (Comcast) has been up and down since about 10:45 a.m. CST.  Looking at downdetector.com, it appears this issue is not just impacting Comcast.

  • esentz
    esentz ✭✭
    edited 01/26/17

    Hello Smartsheet


    We are in several countries, we are all down; when you refer to 'a region' do you mean the region of 'earth'? we could try our Mars account I guess :)

  • Hi All—


    I understand your concerns around not being able to use Smartsheet. Our Operations team has confirmed that there are no issues with the Smartsheet infrastructure.


    Multiple internet services are reporting outages in multiple areas, as indicated on monitoring sites such as http://downdetector.com/


    This regional map varies per service, and people get to Smartsheet through many Internet Service Providers, meaning there's no conclusive way to know who can and cannot access Smartsheet.


    This is most definitely a regional issue with ISPs—not an issue with the Smartsheet application. Although you might be able to access the websites that you use daily, several other websites have reported degraded or no access in certain areas.


    Our Operations team is closely monitoring this regional ISP issue, and will update status.smartsheet.com once they get any information on the ISPs fixing this regional problem.


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