I'm running into issues when trying to use as SUMIF function in my sheet summary. I need to have it add together all the percentages"Capacity Rating." The goal is to be able to create a SUMIF for each project manager in the division so we can see what their workload capacity is before assigning projects. I've used the SUMIF to pull from the "Delivery PM Email" column and then the "Capacity " column. The percentage in the capacity rating column is being generated by a nested if function and my SUMIF In the summary sheet is as follows:=SUMIF([Delivery PM]:[Delivery PM], "", Capacity:Capacity)

I previously posted about this and the solution worked! However, when I moved everything into the new smartsheet workspace we created it now gives me the #NOMATCH error. It seems like it would be fairly straight forward since I used all the things I was given when I first had this issue but alas here I am with a different error code.

Any help would be so appreciated!