Remove absolute locking from a Range of Cells

Julia Bennfors
Julia Bennfors ✭✭✭
edited 08/27/20 in Smartsheet Basics

I have a file, where I made the mistake of "Absolute locking" all of the formulas, before realizing that I am going to have to duplicate this chart other regions. Below is of "NED." I need to copy 2 more of these tables (for "central" & "west", ideally in the same sheet, so its easier to maintain down the road. As well as create a roll up summary of all 3 at the top

Is there anyway to select a range of cells, and remove the "absolute" / "$" in each formula? or "find/replace" for formulas, like excel has?

My back up plan (thinking out loud) is to just just do a "save as" and create 2 new sheets for the other regions (replace the word "NED" in both), and than another sheet for a roll up of all 3 sheets. I know I cannot create reports to do mass edits, because in all of the light grey cells... there is a Index/Match formula. I am open to any other solution - that works long term & is easy to maintain. Thanks! - Julia