My chart made from a report will not show the date information on the horizontal axis.

When I make a chart from a report the date does not show up. If I make it from a grid sheet the date is there. Using a sheet means I have to update it manually each day. How can I get the date to show up on a chart using information from a report?


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  • Ben Goldblatt
    Ben Goldblatt Employee
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    Hi @Cory Bush,

    I suspect the issue you're running into has to do with the column placement in your report. If you use a Report as a source item in a Chart, all of the data in the report gets selected for your widget. So, for example, if the Primary column in your report is set to the left of your "Date" column, the Primary column values would then take precedence for what gets displayed in the horizontal access in your chart. If the Primary column in the report is blank, no values will appear for that axis.

    There isn't currently a way to remove the primary column and hiding the column won't change the behavior in the Chart widget. What you can do though is move the Primary column to the right of the last column in the report, making the "Date" column the leftmost column to drive the horizontal axis for your chart.

    More information on working with Reports and Chart Widgets can be found in the following Help articles from the Learning Center:

    I hope this helps!