Does a Gantt chart work for a project with a series of meeting dates?



I'm trying to figure out if a Gantt chart would work for a budget development and approval project I've been assigned to.  There are a few components of the project that have date ranges.  Most of the project are meeting dates or dates when an event/process occurs.  I've entered the single-date meetings/events as start date and end date as the same date.

What format do you recommend as the best to support a project like this?  Are there videos that I can view to learn about them?

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    Hi @Karen Orlando ,

    what is your intention in setting this up in Smartsheet with the Gantt view?


    • you want to track the tasks assigned for e.g. the overall budget FY 2021?
    • you need to show everyone involved the sequence of steps to be taken and the timeframe for the steps?
    • you want to capture suggestions, comments, attachements to some tasks?
    • you need an approval workflow for e.g. department XY budget by a GM etc.?
    • you need to show the status in some report and/or dashboard?

    Well, most of this happens in the grid view.

    I use Gantt charts a lot for initial scheduling of a project timeline. I also use it to show the major tasks/milestones of a project. For me it's a good visual overview and helps too, when predecessors are used.

    If there are too many 1-day tasks in a short timeframe, the overview can be lost though. You could maybe use the calendar view and connect this to your outlook calendar (if O365 online is beeing used).

    Depends on the overall timeframe of the project and what you want to achieve with the Gantt view.

    In the Smartsheet solution center you will find a template for project budgeting. Maybe this is a good starting point for you.

    Hope this helps


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