Not able to import CSV File

The following sheets exist in the Smartsheet and use Data Uploader to acquire data. The data uploader is mapped with Google Drive to acquire the source files.

UserCurriculumStatusSummaryCSV - 500+ rows

CurriculumItemStatusCSV - 10000+ rows

Recently Google Drive is NOT working, so I am trying to manually upload the files directly to those 2 sheets using FILE --> IMPORT --> IMPORT MICROSOFT EXCEL

File Names are


Curriculum Item Status Detail (CSV)

  1. I disabled the Data Uploader scheduled job and performed manual upload - Not working
  2. Renamed my input files with the actual sheet name in Smartsheet Ex - Curriculum Item Status Detail (CSV) RENAMED as CurriculumItemStatusCSV - Not working

Neither of the attempts did NOT helped. What could be the possible reason for this failure?

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