Not able to import CSV File

Answered - Pending Review

The following sheets exist in the Smartsheet and use Data Uploader to acquire data. The data uploader is mapped with Google Drive to acquire the source files.

UserCurriculumStatusSummaryCSV - 500+ rows

CurriculumItemStatusCSV - 10000+ rows

Recently Google Drive is NOT working, so I am trying to manually upload the files directly to those 2 sheets using FILE --> IMPORT --> IMPORT MICROSOFT EXCEL

File Names are


Curriculum Item Status Detail (CSV)

  1. I disabled the Data Uploader scheduled job and performed manual upload - Not working
  2. Renamed my input files with the actual sheet name in Smartsheet Ex - Curriculum Item Status Detail (CSV) RENAMED as CurriculumItemStatusCSV - Not working

Neither of the attempts did NOT helped. What could be the possible reason for this failure?


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