Report which pulls from multiple tables used to validate data coming into a process

i have a scenario where the business would like to validate data coming into a process and check to see if this data set has already been visited (decision made on how to handle it), it it was decided upon, then the record would adopt certain fields and the record would move into the tables. If it was not visited before (Quality measure in the process), then it would sit in this table until someone made a decision and then it would move into the tables.

My question is this: I have 52 tables which comprise of valid business decisions (basically they are copies of the same table, just decisions made through out each week of a year) if I build a report which incorporates these tables, will my Data mesh which checks this report for a Unique record find the record if the report only shows 500 records on a page (consider there being 5,000 unique records in each of the 52 tables)...

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