Incorporating Sheet Form Link in the Blueprint

I have a project survey sheet that is part of the project kit which is part of the blueprint and deployed via control center. We have 100s of deployed kits. Also in the kit is a project dashboard. I would like to include a link to the survey sheet form on the project dashboard. I updated the project kit template. However, when a new kit was deployed the form link on the dashboard just goes back to the template survey sheet and not the unique survey sheet for the project.


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    edited 09/17/20

    @Brent Williams We have something similar to this in our control center, but it isn't a survey it is a change request. This is what I do.

    1. Create a from which has a Project ID.
    2. Hide the project ID.
    3. On your intake sheet, create a column for the Survey Link
    4. In the survey column, add a formula that provides the Project ID parameter to the form.
    ="" + [Project ID]@row

    Then, you can include this link on the project dashboard just as you would any other data. We actually copy the column into the metadata file and access it from there. If I have a list of projects, I include the link in the list.

    We actually use this id to pull in other data to the change request --- instead of asking the user to enter it manually because that is error prone. So, we feed them the ID in the link, and then use the ID in the sheet that captures the change to index back to the intake.


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