Formula help: log a date in sheet 1 when all tasks assigned to me in sheet 2 reach a certain status


I am wanting to create a formula for the below scenarios, but am not sure how I would go about it or if it is feasible -

For each new job, we create a sheet to log POs and subcontracts needed, and a second sheet to track project deliverables. One deliverable is to have all the POs/Subs complete, a second deliverable to send all POs/Subs for signature. Status and dates of sending/execution are tracked in the PO/Sub sheet, and I would like the deliverable sheet to show a date in the Completed column when all tasks assigned to me have status = "In Review" and another to do the same when all tasks have status = "Pending signature".

Example: when everything in the below that is assigned to Natalia is 'In review'

Populate today's date in the completed column below:

Can this be achieved?