Stop page refresh when scrolling up within a form opened in a browser on mobile phone

Vincent van de Wiel
edited 09/23/20 in Smartsheet Basics


I want several (non licensed) persons to fill a SmartSheet form via a link in their browser on a Smartphone.

With scroll up too far, the page refreshes and all filled data is gone. Hence, I cannot use a form in a browser.

Other option, other then licensed users with the SmartSheet app?


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  • Vincent van de Wiel
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    Hi Andrée,

    Thank you for yr swift reply.

    Yours might be a solution, but I want to keep it quick and dirty.

    I made it to run 5S rounds in our warehouse. If it works fine, I want to roll it out over several warehouse sites.

    I am happy with Smartsheet. Not happy to add another application...

    There should be an autosave after every entry of a field or something...