"Triggering" Cross Sheet Cell Links After Project Spin Up

Douglas Jerum
Douglas Jerum ✭✭✭✭
edited 09/12/23 in Add Ons and Integrations


I have the primary data sheet in my blueprint with the Auto Number column type (called "Deal ID") that generates a unique ID for each new row. That ID is used to link other sheets in the blueprint so I can INDEX/MATCH to various data from the primary data sheet to sub-sheets.

I currently have the Auto Number "Deal ID" column providing outbound cell links to the sub-sheets. The sub-sheets have a column named "Deal ID" as well, with a "text/number" column type.

In the blueprint project templates I have two rows immediately below the Profile Data in the primary and sub-sheets which have formulas in various columns that I want to have automatically copied to new rows as they're added. Many of them are using INDEX/MATCH to pull data from the primary data sheet using the Deal ID to provide the search value.

THE PROBLEM: After spinning up a new project, I can't figure out how to dynamically connect the sheets to populate the Deal ID in the sub-sheets when new rows are added in the primary sheet, so that the rest of the INDEX/MATCH formulas on the sub-sheets have a search criteria to use. Right now the only way to do this is to manually link the Deal ID cell in the sub-sheets when a new row is created. That of course is not viable at any kind of scale.

Any suggestions?