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My basic question is if I want to change the auto-generated number on my sheet, do I need to account for the first two blank rows? These are locked rows with formula's. I want to have the first project start with the number 100 instead of 109. Do I start the numbering at 98, so that 100 will be on the first actual project row? This particular sheet is in my Portfolio Objects Folder. I've looked at global updates, and I'm pretty sure I know how to make the change. I want to make sure I do it right, the first time.

I appreciate your assistance.



  • Hello @Kathy ,

    Although I was unable to test through SCC, I would start the Auto-Numbering with 98.

    I created a Blank Sheet, and locked the first 2 blank rows. I then populated 2 unlocked rows, below the first 2 locked rows, with data and added an Auto Numbering column with the starting number of 98. After saving the Sheet, the first unlocked row showed as 100, and the 2 locked rows before were 98, and 99.

    Let me know if you have any questions.



  • Sean,

    I appreciate your responding to my question. I also tested it within Smartsheet with the same results that you came up with. I am assuming Control Center will not change how this functions, so I'm going to go ahead and try it.



  • @Kathy Breckenridge ,

    Awesome! Feel free to let me know how you get on. You may first want to test this with a Copy/Test Sheet to prevent affecting any live data.



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