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Debra N. Lopez
edited 10/01/20 in Smartsheet Basics

I've created a Testing template for UAT/SIT that I have used internally and would like to share with Smartsheet, does anyone know the process of doing that? Is there an approval process?


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  • Thank you Genevieve!

  • Hi! Where I can get it?

  • Debra N. Lopez
    edited 10/22/21

    Hi Nestor,

    I did not get to actually publishing until today, due to other commitments. I was also fortunate to have gotten a few ideas here in the community, when I had some issues with nested queries a while back.

    I have a form under it, as well as a separate log where I tracked primarily FAILED Test cases (and linked % results or summary data back to the master project plan) with teams that were geographically dispersed.

    Please feel free to connect via linked in if you have additional questions @Debra N. Lopez .


  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Debra N. Lopez This is great Debra! I tried to search the available Templates, but this doesn't appear to be out there yet as an option. Would you mind sharing a copy of this with me (so I can Save my own copy locally)? My Contact info is [email protected]

    I'd really appreciate it!

  • @Debra N. Lopez This looks great for my system testing needs. I could not find it in the Smartsheet Solution Center Templates. Would you mind sharing this sheet with me so I can save my own copy locally? I appreciate it! 😀



    [email protected]

  • Can you share it here since it is still not listed among other templates until it is generally available?