Profile data is not updating with Global Update Find/Replace


We have over 1000 provisioned projects within ~20 workspaces, so Global Updates (GUs) have been our friend. We recently used the "Add Profile Data" GU to insert about 20 rows into a specific sheet within our 1000+ projects. Success!!

Our next step was to use the Find/Replace GU to place formulas within those newly added rows to perform summary calculations for us. Inserting the formula manually (not GU) into a couple test sheets was successful, so we attempted the GU, however, it did not result in any chance - no errors either.

I then attempted a simpler Find/Replace GU to one of the row headers - again to change and no errors.

Is the Find/Replace GU unable to edit cells inserted using the Profile Data GU? We have successfully executed close to 20 GUs in our environment, so we are rather familiar with the necessary steps and troubleshooting. This one has us perplexed, as this approach was one suggested by the SMAR consulting team.


  • Ameya Athalye
    Ameya Athalye ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Ben Scholz , we have used Find/Replace method for updating formula and it has worked for us. Few things I learnt along the way,

    • If you're trying to add a formula to a cell/column that did not have formula before, the Find/Replace method won't work right.
    • If the column was created or column properties/fields/dropdown values were modified, then the method fails in those cases.

    In both cases, we were able to get by with using the modify existing column method.

    From your 1st paragraph, it looks like you're trying to add new rows to existing projects, in such case I'm not sure if global updates be more useful than just copy rows functionality from core smartsheet. Hope this is helpful.