Issue with Dropdown column

An issue has come up with one of my contact columns within smartsheet; when filling out the form - all works well until i get to the contact column (multi-choice)... it is a free field of contacts where the users are allowed to type a user name and/or email address - before there was never an issue but now the form hangs up when i click in the field... then when it unfreezes - i type one letter and the form freezes again.

Please resolve this or guide me in what changed within smartsheet so i can fix this... this is causing the form and the automation process not to add value


  • Hi @Nanette.Murphy96461,

    I highly recommend reaching out to the Support team for this or for any other technical issues you're running into as they will be your best resource for resolving the issue. In the meantime, there are some steps you can try that may help to increase performance when interacting with the Contact field in your form.

    1. Try accessing your Smartsheet account and opening the form using an Incognito Window in Chrome to see if you experience the same behavior there or test in a different browser altogether (e.g., Firefox, Safari).

    2. If the issue seems to be isolated to Chrome or isolated to a standard window in Chrome, try disabling browser extensions and clearing cookies and cache. It's possible that the issue may be due to an extension that's causing interference with Smartsheet or possibly due to outdated login information and these steps can help to resolve these types of issues.

    Steps for these processes can be found in the following guides from the Learning Center:

    • Troubleshooting Guide - steps for disabling extensions are listed in the Smartsheet Is Slow to Load or Save, or Does Not Respond section under a sub-section titled Smartsheet Is Continuously Loading, Not Responding, or Not Displaying Certain Items
    • Troubleshoot Login Issues - steps for clearing browser cookies and cache are listed under the section titled Additional troubleshooting steps

    If browser troubleshooting doesn't help to boost performance, it's possible that there's something at the sheet-level that may be causing this behavior. You may want to test with a form and contact list on a separate sheet or create a copy of your existing sheet using the Save as New feature, but the Support team will be able to investigate this further to see what else may be causing the freezing and latency.

    I hope this helps!