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Hi Smartsheet team. In regards to smartsheet Proofing, how do you track the 'requested feedback' emails that you send out to your contacts. There are instances when the requested feedback email does not reach your contacts (as in they don't get the email with the review link). Its very hard to track which emails went out and which ones did not go out. This happened more than 3 times on my side. I have sent my query a few times on the help desk wesbite and there has not been any response from them. This is my email address (


  • J Tech
    J Tech ✭✭✭✭✭

    In this case you can advise them to login to the sheet and manually proof the document if this does occur.


    J Tech

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  • Faith Letshwiti

    I would rather like to know how to track the emails that go out. For me, the whole reason behind proofing is to make it easier for the reviewers to review and minimise the admin of logging in onto the main proofing tracker. Is there another way to do this?