DATAMESH - Overwrite Information



If I have Datamesh-ed a sheet and I had a team input dates to the new sheet, only to find that in the next hour they got deleted (it was set to update every hour).

I want to ensure that by turning off "Overwrite existing data" that this will not happen again.

Also, is there any way a Smartsheet IT personnel would be able to get the version of this sheet before it was overwritten at 1:52pm PST?


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Jamie Bierman

    It's hard to say exactly what will happen without seeing both your sheets and the Data Mesh configuration, however turning off "Overwrite existing data" sounds like this is what you should do.

    Smartsheet Support may be able to provide you with a previous backup of the sheet in an excel format from before the data was overwritten - please contact them (here) and provide them with the sheet name, time for the backup, and any other relevant information.

    You may want to provide them with screen captures of your Data Mesh configuration to confirm the behaviour as well, since they can troubleshoot details with you in a more private manner than this public forum.

    I hope that helps!