Random Updates - Cell History


Hi, we've been using a format where once a form is submitted, a row is copied to another "master" sheet that the team can manage off of.

Recently, I've made some changes to the process (around when the copying happens), but what we're seeing is that in our Master sheet, there are random updates to cells (we have alerts set to notify the team when something changes).

As an example, we see in the Cell History that Budget changed from:

  • Original Value: $900 - Smartsheet Automation (9/28 3:25 PM)
  • Updated Value: 90,000% - <Team Member 1> (10/14 9:23 AM)
  • Updated Value: 900 - <Team Member 1> (10/14 9:25 AM)

It's happening to multiple cells in our sheet, and I know no one is making these updates because they're the same updates over and over, and there's no way they could physically make this many updates, that fast (all of them seem to be in 2 min intervals).

Any thoughts on what could be causing this?



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