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Hi - We run a design review board every week and we use smartsheet automation to send an email to all attendees the day before the DRB, asking them to read the design to be presented next day and to then click on the Open Form button in the email and either accept/reject and add comments.

My colleague showed me the email he received, opened the form and approved with comments then clicked submit. However the relevant fields on this users row in smartsheet have not updated to reflect the info he input in the form. (I double checked that he did submit and we now recieve the already submitted message) Here is the url if it helps https://app.smartsheet.com/b/updaterequest?ux=GdoaBrUmGurAISoY3DHu9CJlVev9ZcK0_MoKcsBP5Uw

So to clarify my colleague is NOT a collaborator on the sheet (I didnt think he needed to be), neither is he a license holder (again didnt think this was relevant). His name DOES appear in the sheet under name column (Type = contact) and he DID receive a notification via automation as explained above.

I checked on update requests and there is still a pending update request against his name. There is also nothing in sheet activity log recording his update request.

The form works for me and for a colleague - is it a coincidence that we are both collaborators on the sheet? (I have another example where a non-collaborator on a different sheet successfully used the sme update form (its the same workflow which we copy from the template onto each sheet) and updated the sheet?)

Do you have any idea why the details that he input via the update request form are not reflected in the underlying smartsheet.


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    You are correct that it shouldn't matter. One thing to check, have you looked at the permissions for the sheet? I found that if I didn't allow it to be unrestricted (for everyone with the same domain) it didn't work.

    That may be the reason?

    Worth a look because I had the same issue. The other person you mentioned may have logged in and been added because you needed them to do that in the past so will be in the same account.

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