Conditional Logic on Forms

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I currently have conditional logic on forms that is working as I expected.

  1. I have a type that has Risk, Action, Issue
  2. I have additional columns for a) Description, b) Related Risk, c) Related Action d) Related Issue, e) more information, f) file upload
  3. Using conditional logic, I set up the rule, Type = Risk show a, c,d,e,f
  4. This however is not working, when I open the form page, it shows me type and then b, c, d, and then when I choose risk it shows me all the fields except for a) and f) until I choose a type Risk.

This must be something to do with how I have set up the logic. I assumed that when using conditional logic that showed me the fields that I needed, then I would just get those.

If anyone else has had this issue and was able to resolve it, that would be good to know.



Purnima Gore

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