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Hi all,

I am the owner of 10 sheets each of one is used by different users. I have set up alerts automation but when the email is sent, it is always shown my email address instead of that of the user. This is a problem as the email is sent to external customers who are always receiving email from me and not from the correct contact.

How can I fix it?




  • Mary_A
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    edited 10/21/20

    @Massimo Damiano I have the same problem with the current implementation. A better implementation would allow a tiered method of setting email addresses for automation responses:

    • Installation level
    • Workspace level
    • Sheet level

    Unfortunately, the Smartsheet product team is using the sheet owner email address. You can file an enhancement request.

    To workaround the current issue, you can make a single person such as a sheet editor the owner instead of yourself.

    Or, you can create a specific account to own all your sheets and make that account the owner. For example, I might create a Smarsheet account called Automation Response and set the email to a group email address. That way I can direct all the response emails to a bucket account which many people can watch.