Is anyone else having trouble with the Today function?


The Today function is not working when included in a simple IF statement. It was actually working a while ago but now it is not working.

I tested it out by simply trying =IF(Cell@232="2",=Today(),"") but it would spit out #INVALID OPERATION. 

I have even tried =IF(Cell@232="2",Today(),"") but it would spit out #INVALID COLUMN VALUE.

Can someone explain why the Today function is not working? Thank you.


  • John Jonassen
    John Jonassen ✭✭✭✭

    Two parts on this:

    1) Your first formula attempt should be =IF(Cell@232="2",Today(),"") omitting the = sign before "Today", this should clear up your invalid operation.

    2) Make sure this formula is within a Date formatted column, this should clear up the invalid column value.

  • @John Jonassen


    Thank you for answering. I have tried that formula in my second attempt and made sure that it is in the Date formatted column. Unfortunately, the formula is still not working for me.

  • Jenna Bailey
    Jenna Bailey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Something isn't quite right with the first bit of your formula... Cell@232 doesn't make much sense to me, the naming convention would be more like [Cell]232 if your column name you are referencing is named Cell.

    Is the column you have the formula in a Date column?

    Perhaps also take the quotes off of "2" as well...

  • John Sisounthone
    edited 10/27/20

    @Jenna Bailey


    Thank you for answering. I'm sorry, I should have copied and pasted the formula directly.

    Here is the exact copy: =IF([Task Name]@row=2,Today(),""

    The formulas automatically have the @ symbol now. I am not sure of when this started happening.

    Yes it is a date column. Is that the problem?

    I have tried it both ways of with and without the quotes.

    I am really stumped with this issue.

  • Jenna Bailey
    Jenna Bailey ✭✭✭✭✭

    They changed the @symbol so that you can convert a formula to a column formula.

    I'm actually pretty stumped as when I recreate this it seems to function just fine.

    What type of column is the "Task Name" column? is it strictly numbers?

  • John Sisounthone
    edited 10/28/20

    @Jenna Bailey

    The column isn't strictly set to numbers or dates. The formula that I am trying to implement was previously working a few weeks ago but I am not sure why its not working now. Thank you for trying to help me.

    The column is actually called "Finish" which represents finished dates.

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