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I am having difficulty receiving email alerts on a sheet I am running. It is a very simple set-up where I need an email every time a line is added. I have read through previous posts and none of the solutions are having any effect. I have ensured that SmartSheet has permission to email me, the sheet has permission to send notifications to anyone, and I am not seeing anything wrong with the workflow itself. Other users on that same automation have successfully received emails but I have not. I am receiving the notifications in browser, but I need them to hit my inbox. I have checked my junk folder, my clutter folder, and my rules to ensure they are not ending up elsewhere. Even searching my inbox reveals no SmartSheet emails. We do not have SmartSheet on a firewall, and another automation from this same sheet correctly emailed another employee on the same network without issue. Please let me know if there is any other info I can provide to resolve this issue. Cheers!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee
    edited 10/28/20

    Hi @Graham Madison

    If you're receiving the notification within the Smartsheet app but not in your inbox, and if other users are receiving the same alert to the inbox without any issues, then this indicates that the issue lies with your inbox/email account somewhere.

    You noted that the emails aren't appearing in your junk; please also work with your IT department to ensure that the domains listed in THIS Help Article to your organization's allow list.

    If you're still not receiving emails from this workflow after adding all those domains, then please contact Smartsheet Support (here), providing all the same information as you have posted above. They'll be able to look into this with you one-on-one.



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  • Graham Madison

    Thank you, I will escalate.