Form Logic not logical, causing problems

jb@59069 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

Hello all,

We've been using form logic for a while now, very basic and it has been working well. Have logic set to display a specific check box (XXX-XXX) based on a specific Employee/Contractor field (Jane Doe) value. All other options in the form are available to all users. Nice.

However, today I needed to add a new checkbox column (COMP Time?) with a default value of 'unchecked' (due to logic limitations). Having this box unchecked allowed that a logic step be created that if this box is checked, the Client Billable? checkbox would disappear. Sweet. Tested it out and all seemed to be working well.

Sadly, once Jane Doe actually used this form today, the logic from the COMP Time? logic removed the XXX-XXX checkbox from her view, apparently overriding the Employee/Contractor logic.

There is a LOT wrong with the form logic from my perspective.

  1. It appears that fields can only be added (show) for a logic rule. This seems very limiting as it would be ideal to be able to have an exception that could remove a field or fields based on specific value(s);
  2. Subsequent logic rules seem to override previous rule(s);

There are other issues but now I have to spend time trying to figure out a WORKAROUND yet again.

Yes, I'm frustrated. I'm not getting paid to be an Alpha or Beta tester.