Gantt to Grid Report view

edited 11/03/20 in Smartsheet Basics

I have many projects (let's say 20) all with the same many tasks (Let's say 20 again). The Gantt view is great to handle predecessors and additional information associated with each task. However for a project status meeting I would like to view a report horizontally, see image attached. Is it possible to make a report like this?


  • JakeB

    Hoping to bring this back to the top to see if anyone newly seeing this has any ideas...

  • Sean Morgan

    Hello @JakeB ,

    All though there is not default feature for this, I feel this could be accomplished with a mix of Sheet Modifications, and Conditional Formatting.

    Firstly, I'd create a copy of your current Sheet, and then add Columns for each task. From here, I would then add in the proposed dates. Lastly, I'd then use Conditional Formatting to set criteria for color matching I.E If Date is 17+ days away, Green.

    For more on Conditional Formatting, please see this article here:

    Once done, you could then create a Report for specific date ranges, or just view this within the Sheet you have created.

    Let me know if you have any questions