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My firm uses Smartsheet for timesheets and client billing. There are now 22 people filling in individual timesheets. There is a Client Name column with a dropdown box with all the client names, probably about 100 now. Monthly, I manually go into all 22 timesheets and update that dropdown box with new client names. This gets administratively cumbersome, especially because we want to start assigning project numbers for each project, because one client might have multiple projects going on.


I have two questions: 1. is it possible to update the dropdown box in the Client Name column on one timesheet and somehow save it to all the other timesheets without manually going into each timesheet? I asked this question of Smartsheet Help desk and they said no. But I'm wondering how others handle updating the dropdown boxes regularly. 2. does anyone know of a video or other Community threads you've seen on the subject of timesheets that were helpful? I have read a few threads. I'm looking for best practices. Thank you!


  • Brett Evans
    Brett Evans ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    If you are able to use the API you can do this.  There are methods available to read a master list and update the dropdowns in a set of sheets.


    This type of updating is not available using teh standard Smartsheet formulas.




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