Filters & unexpected row creation / drag and drop behavior


I'd like to use a filter to hide all completed tasks from my sheet, but when I do this, I find that adding rows or dragging and dropping rows results in unexpected destinations. Sometimes the added or moved row ends up with the wrong row number, or disappears entirely because it ended up nested beneath a row hidden by the filter (really weird).

Is there any way to make this behavior more reliable? I'd like to keep this particular filter condition on basically all the time, but right now I have to turn the filter off every time I need to add or move a row, to ensure the row ends up where I expect.

Also worth noting - I don't want to automatically move rows around based on completion, because then I lose their original context. I want to keep them where they are, but just not see them unless I choose to turn the filter off.


  • Sean Morgan
    Sean Morgan Employee
    edited 11/13/20

    Hello @Joshua Taylor

    As of now, filters are just a method of only showing data that meets the conditions, and can skew new rows / modifications as although the rows are filtered, they are more hidden, so they can still be affected as they are not locked.

    You may wish to create an Archive Sheet for completed tasks, and then use a Move Row automation to move these out of the Sheet for a more live/up-to-date view of current tasks.

    Let me know if you have any questions!



  • Joshua Taylor

    Is the "skew" being worked on? If the drag and drop and row creation behaviors were based on a hidden, revised row count of the filter results, it would allow you to do those things and get the same behavior you expect when unfiltered...

    I'm not fond of the idea of moving my rows to a sheet where they lose context on where they were in my project, but I am testing this simply because the pile-up becomes unmanageable.