Can chat conversation notification be directed to the report rather than the main sheet?


I have multiple vendor reports created from a master sheet but when I make comments to update them on a sku for the vendor to see and/or respond to, they get an email notification linking them back to the master sheet instead of their individual report. The notification also provides them the master sheet row vs. the row in their specific report. (i.e., email notification states a comment is on row 580 but in their report its actually row 193).

I really don't want to make a workaround sheet because I currently have 22 individual vendor reports and several internal BP reports linked to the master sheet, due to confidentiality of certain information that needs to be hidden it just seems more secure if the email notifications link back to the assigned report. Otherwise there is no extra benefit of smartsheet not allowing a streamline working environment and requires owners and admin of sheets to send separate emails to direct vendors to a certain row for addtl information or request of information needed to make timely updates and commitments. 



  • Bee Ng
    Bee Ng ✭✭✭

    Hi @Stacie Davis ,

    I think there is a new feature that may help with your scenario. In Smartsheet we now have the ability to customize the content of alerts and update requests, and have the ability to not include the link to the sheet, but to rather add custom fields, etc.

    You can find out more here:

    Another thing to note...

    Reports themselves do not contain any data. All of the data in a Report comes from the underlying sheet(s). So the "row numbers" really have very little meaning. They simply show the number of rows in the report. There is no relation between the row numbers in the report and the row numbers in the underlying sheet(s).

    There is no way to "link back" to a row in a Report... you can only link to a row in one of the underlying sheets.

    Hope that helps.


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  • Stacie Davis

    The only issue I have with the request updates is the fact that you have to always choose the columns you want to show and not just have it as a standard request update template and I believe if it did do that, I would have to do that for each report that has been created. We decided to no longer use the chat bubble feature because it will always direct them to the base sheet which only shows one column during the day (I have to work on confidential info during the evening hours now) and the email notification also provides them the wrong row and we would have to input extra info in the chat bubble so the Vendor can go to their report and look for the row and sku(s) we sent chats to. too much work and not time effective.

  • Pam Dunn
    Pam Dunn ✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree Stacie too much work to try chat with people you only want them to view in a Report. Not sure why they couldn't write code to direct the people to the report where the chat is origininating.