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Is there a way to see any/all reports for which I've created a public link? I am curious if there's a way to review this from time to time, so I might unpublish certain reports when a project is complete and the shared access is no longer required.


  • Steve Campbell

    I have found that I can search my email for any links starting with that I sent out. That has helped but isn't perfect. Also, as the company administrator of our Smartsheet account, it would be great if I could run a report to verify which of my users have published links that should be de-activated. This may fall under an enhancement request. Thanks.

  • Bee Ng
    Bee Ng ✭✭✭

    Hi Steve,

    I think this would be a good feature to submit as an enhancement request.

    In the past, the solution that I have used is to created a separate "Report Tracker" sheet. That sheet contains a list of all my reports, together with the links to the report and the published version, distribution lists, dates, etc. In my case I needed this to keep track of my "Send as attachment" notifications.

    Not sure if you are using the "Send as attachment" feature, but it's a great way to send recurring updates to users. Unfortunately in Smartsheet there is no way to edit the content of the notifications, so I use the tracker sheet to keep track of the email content so that I can easily make updates over time.

    Hope that helps.


    Business Manager, AcuWorkflow

  • Steve Campbell

    I submitted two enhancement requests. The first was to view what published links had been created and the second was to to be able to set a future date expiration for published links upon creation. I figured the two would be helpful to several users out there that are concerns with using the publish functionality and then losing track of links that had been given out, etc. Thank you.