Parent and Child optional selections


I want to create a variable task or option based tasks. Has anyone tried this? I want to have a main heading weekly tasks but have 3 options for my resources. He can choose his task out of 3 or I can assign him one. but in the end the other two are no longer used or populated (the structure is there but no data is in there).

Is this possible?


  • Marvin Mudahy
    edited 11/09/20

    Can i do multiple optional tasks and can i make a task selection based on a yes or no situation?

  • Leslie R
    Leslie R Employee

    Hello @Marvin Mudahy,

    Based on your request, you might want to add an extra column in your sheet that can be used to identify which tasks you would like to assign to your resources and use a formula to automate the actual Task column based on the yes or no selection.

    I was able to recreate the recommendation with the following column types:

    Task - Primary Column - Text/Number

    Assigned To - Contact Column

    Accept - Drop Down (Values - Yes, No)

    Task Name - Text/Number or Single Select Drop-Down

    I used a column formula to automate the Task column using the following:

    =IF(ISBLANK(Accept@row), [Task Name]@row, IF(Accept@row = "Yes", [Task Name]@row, ""))

    I then entered the tasks in the Task Name column. If the value in Accept is blank or "No" then the value in the Task column will be blank, if the value in Accept is "Yes", then the value in the Task Name column will be returned in the Task column.

    Keep in mind that if you have enabled dependencies on your sheet, then the Parent Rollup functionality may not reflect expected data if you've created a hierarchy with these rows. It might be better for your project sheet to just have a drop-down value for your tasks that allow you to assign tasks to your resources or for your resources to accept tasks they want to work on.

    I hope this information helps with your request!