Vanishing comments?


Occasionally when a team member tags me in a comment on a row on our project tracker sheet, I'll get an email notification and a pop-up window notification, and when I click through to the Row on the sheet to respond to the comment, it has disappeared from the Row, and it looks like no one commented at all.

I can of course, still @mention the team member in a new comment, but there is no visible thread because the original comment is no where to be found. This doesn't happen consistently.

Has anyone encountered this behavior before? Is this a bug I should be reporting?


  • Shawn Reed

    The original comment could have been deleted by the commenter.


  • Deirdre Spencer

    The comments weren't deleted by the users.

  • Ben Goldblatt

    Hi @Deirdre Spencer,

    I noticed that you haven't received any other responses on this so I wanted to check in. If you're still experiencing issues with row-level comments and @mentions disappearing unexpectedly, reach out to our Support Team and they will be happy to help troubleshooting this behavior. Support will be your best resource for this or any technical issues that may arise.

    If you're a licensed user on a plan that's eligible for phone support, you can also call in to the Support team between 6:00am and 6:00pm US Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Eligible users can find the live phone support number by clicking the Account Profile Icon in the upper right corner and selecting Plan Info. This will open the Account Administration window and the phone number will be listed at the bottom.

    I hope this helps!