Reference to sheets is limited


I am using a sheet as the "sheet results" to call different sheets inside that one.

However I am facing this error that it is limiting my work.

The error syas in english "it was not possible to create references from multiple worksheets, because that worksheet already contains the maximum number of references from multiple worksheets."

Is the any way to solve this problem?


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    There are many ways. You can split information up on sheets, you can use larger references and more diverse formulas to reduce reference count. Shoot you can reference the entire sheet in one or 2 references and parse down the references using index match match or variations of collect depending on how your sheet is organized.

    We need to know more about your sheet and what you're referencing, and how it is organized to give you a more direct answer about how your specific solution can be optimized to reduce the number of references.

  • Hello,

    I copied the rows that were returning the error to another sheet and I am facing the same error.

    doe snot make sense since in the new sheet I have few references

  • and now I tried to clean the references for the new sheet and started again and returned the same error