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I am trying to create a status report for items started. I think I have the formula for how many assigned, but now I need to identify of those assigned to 1 person, how many are started by that person. I tried =COUNTIF({Course Started}, {Team Movement Range 1"Donald Duck"}1). In the pic below Donald has 2 courses assigned but has only started 1. If he had 20 courses assigned but has only started 7 - I want it to count the 7 checkboxes and return 7.

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  • L Petitt-RST
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    I think I am actually trying to get this to work:

    =Countifs({MODE Team AssignedDev}, [Assigned Developer]:[Assigned Developer], Donald Duck, [{MODE Course Started Col} [Course Started]:[Course Started],1])

    I need to get the assigned developer and course started data from another page.

  • Mike Wilday
    Mike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    =Countifs({MODE Team AssignedDev}, "Donald Duck", {MODE Course Started Col},1)

    If you use a cross sheet reference you just select the column you are referencing. And go with the name that is added to the formula. You don't have to add the column range afterward. Try what I revised there and let me know if that worked. Contact columns are weird because sometimes they pull by name, but sometimes they only pull by email address.


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