Gantt chart summary / rollup information

Looking for advice on being able to summarise date information within a gantt or calendar view. Done some searching and unable to find anything on the topic.

I have a fairly normal calendar with events that have start and end dates.

What I'm looking to do is count the number of events that occur on any given day. Primary purpose is to manage number of staff that are on leave on any one day.

From what I can see there is no rollup or summary function within the gantt view itself.

Can someone pls suggest potential options to achieve this?


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  • Thanks @DMurphy

    That's done the trick by using a start date < date checked < finish date equation.

    The intent of it will be to do quick checks to see if we are overallocated for leave on any particular day before allowing approval. we don't need this to be automated as the judgement comes down to the manager if they are willing to accept the answer.