Update Request - duplicate colleague roster with answers


Hello Smartsheet Community,

I'm hoping there is a simple solution I'm not aware of for this. Can anyone help?

Goal: Have one "master" colleague roster sheet with name, email, office, and "yes" or "no" answers to two questions. I would also like to have separate individual office sheets with the same data that is shared with each local office's contact. Therefore, each local office could see the entire roster of their colleagues and whether or not they have made an update so they can follow-up with anyone who has not responded.


  1. Currently I have an automated workflow with office conditions set to populate the individual office sheets from the master. Check!
  2. Next, I want to send an Update Request to each colleague on the master roster to ask them to answer "yes" or "no" to my two questions. Check!
  3. What I'd like to happen next is to have the answers to the "yes" or "no" questions populate to the individual office sheets WITHOUT a duplicate row. In other words, I only want the "yes" or "no" to populate to the correct colleague, not duplicate the entire row.

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