Sumifs with a condition on multi select column

Can anyone help me to write a formula of Sumifs. I am facing issue since in week column i have multiple select property used. I want to sum the time required if member X worked on week 1. Similarly time required for member x wherever week 5 is mentioned.



  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    Here's a possible solution for you

    =SUMIFS([Time Required (Hrs.)]:[Time Required (Hrs.)], [Week No]:[Week No], [Week No]@row = @cell, Member:Member, Member@row = @cell, Week:Week, CONTAINS([Week No]@row, @cell))

    I have this formula looking at the Week No in whatever row you're sitting at. If you would rather manually enter the week number, replace the [Week No]@row inside the Contains function with "whatever number you like" . Since it's a number, you wouldn't need the quotes.

    Let me know if this works


  • Thank you so much. I got what i needed.