Condition Blocks & Automated Work - Multiple verification - don't work in reverse way

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edited 12/03/20 in Smartsheet Basics

I have this condition that :

1) - if user submit 1 name in column 1) verification by STC S/PM (example : aaa) , upon verified in column 1) STC S/PM Status, it will seek STC Finance Status verification "in progress" (This flow have no problem)

2) - if user submit 2 names, 1 name in STC S/PM 1) verification by STC S/PM (example : aaa) and another inside 2) Verification by STC S/PM (if applicable) : bbb), it will seek STC Finance Status "in progress" only when aaa and bbb status is "Verified". This work only, aaa verified first follow by bbb. it wont work the reverse way when bbb verified first follow by aaa. why? I suspect something wrong with my conditions setting.

3) for 3 parties verification, it works when aaa "verified" follow by bbb and then ccc. it will not work if any of bbb or ccc verified first.

Seem like Smartsheet evaluates conditions from left to right, and actions will be fired for the leftmost condition path

Appreciate any help or workaround.

thank you!



  • Hello @flashock ,

    You are correct in that it works in order of the created conditions, or left to right.

    The "aaa" condition will also have to be met, then flow in chronological order.

    You could create a few different variable workflows in where bbb can be met first etc, but this introduces the potential of duplicated emails etc.

    If you were to use this method, you could just duplicate your current workflow, and modify the conditions. See more on this here:

    Let me know if you have questions!