Multiple Select Contact Column/Sheet Summary


I'm looking for a formula that I can use in Sheet Summary to identify individuals assigned to the same task via a multiple select contact column. The below is what I currently use to track daily tasks for individuals.

Target Tasks

=COUNTIFS([Due Date]:[Due Date], =TODAY(), [Critical Ops.]:[Critical Ops.], ="Yes", Personnel:Personnel, "Employee 1")

Completed Tasks

=COUNTIFS([Completion Date]:[Completion Date], =TODAY(), Status:Status, ="Yes", Personnel:Personnel, "Employee 1")

So, as stated, the issue is this wouldn't count tasks with multiple contacts in the same cell, and I'd prefer to keep it as a contact column if possible so i can then begin creating Workflows for each employee assigned.

Best Answer


  • Brandon Mitchell

    Thank you, it worked like a charm, I must have been putting the HAS function in the wrong place in my original tests.