Report Needed - Chooseable Columns/Fields


I am looking to create a very simple report where I can search all of Smartsheet for a particular customer and add columns to report on. For example, it would look something like...

Customer Latest Update Next Steps

XYZ Corp. Roof Installed Install Windows

Can someone give me a quick and easy to follow guide to achieve this?


  • Amy Martin


    You didn't indicate in your question, but have you tried creating a Report in Smartsheet? In your workspace or sheets area there is a Create drop down and you can select Report.

    In a Report, you can select multiple sheets, columns, and then filter based on conditions. But, your columns must be named similarly and your filtered conditions mustn't be misspelled anywhere. A Report is not editable.

    Depending on how many sheets you'd like to call from (if it's many it will be time consuming), you could use Automation in each sheet to automatically copy rows with the customer name to auto-populate another sheet. You will also want a common naming convention for your columns.

    I hope this helps with a little direction-