Sending and receiving comments in Dynamic View

debbieK ✭✭
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I have two separate sheets for two separate marketing teams. Both have dynamic views for client view only and in the dynamic view, I have allowed attachments and comments. In the of the sheets, dynamic view is sending comments to the recipient via Smartsheet but the other dynamic view is not. Settings are the same in both. I tried sending the client a comment and client tried sending one back to me. Neither of us received an email notifying us that our comments are there yet they show up in our dynamic view. Any help here will be appreciated.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @debbieK

    It sounds like one of your underlying sheets has a workflow set up that has the trigger "when a comment is added" and is actually sending out this email from the sheet (versus from the Dynamic View). This way, when a comment is added through Dynamic View, it is added on the main source sheet, which then triggers the automation to run.

    Check the Automations on the one sheet that is sending an email and see if there is a workflow set up. If there is, you can re-create this same workflow on your other sheet (the one associated with the other Dynamic View) and it will send the same type of emails.

    Make sure that you customize the message so that it only sends out specific fields from that row. Let me know if this has worked for you!



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