Forms and Calendars


We currently hold sessions where users attend and right now we're receiving too many users attending our time slots showing and we're not able to facilitate answering all of the questions. (Which is frustrating users)

I do already have a form that I have created but I was wondering is there a calendar field that could be used in the form itself where users could sign up and schedule a certain time slot within the office hour slot. For ex. 15 minute sessions for each participant - once full then that day would be blacked out and the next office hours date and time would display in which they would reserve a timeslot.

Is this capability even possible with using it in a form?(for scheduling) Or what would you recommend? Thank you in advance


  • Nick Brisson

    Hi Crystal

    You can't do that with a form but you can do that with automation and formula's.

    I would suggest the following.

    Make your session times a drop down single section ((8:15, 8:30, 8:45, etc) and then have them select the date.

    On your grid, you can do a run a Symbol column with a countifs formula where it flags after X number of sessions is counted for the particular day.

    Then set an automation rule that once a user fills out the form - if the flag is flipped (to booked) then it notifies the user that the time slot is full, and they need to select another time slot.

    That would be my suggestion.