Help needed on a widget linked to content attached to a workspace


Hello! I am hoping someone can help me understand an error recently encountered. Our team has a dashboard that contains a widget that is linked to a PowerPoint file attached to the workspace. At creation it worked just fine, now a couple of weeks down the road, you click on the widget and you get a SmartSheet page that says the page could not be found. I went to the attachment on the workspace, copied the URL displayed when using the "send file as email attachment" and inserted that back into the widget, and now the file responds as before.

Is there something causing this that I need to be on the lookout for? Does that URL detail change to any frequency that would impact accessing the PowerPoint from the SmartSheet dashboard? Our organization doesn't deploy a cloud storage solution, such as the Google Drive or OneDrive at present, so hosting the ppt file elsewhere isn't an option.

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