Return Multiple Rows Using VLOOKUP and COLLECT


Good morning,

I am working on a formula which will return multiple rows of data from a different sheet based on criteria.

For context, I am looking to view all the cells from sheet A (defined in a range) where there is a value like "BA Edit" in sheet B. I have tried doing this several ways, with no success.

=if(CONTAINS({BA Edit 2}, "BA Edit"), {BA Edit 2}@row) is #unparseable

=IF(CONTAINS("BA Edit", {BA Edit 2}), {BA Edit 2}, "False") is #invalid column value

=VLOOKUP(CONTAINS([Primary Column]@row, {BA Edit 2}), 1, 0)) is #unparseable (note [Primary Column]@row has the value of "BA Edit"

=COUNTIF({BA Edit 2}, =(CONTAINS("BA Edits", {BA Edit 2}))) returns a value of 0, despite there being approximately 40 in the range.

Any help is appreciated!!

Thank you all,



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