# of Tasks Assigned to Each Person from a Folder


Hi All,

Working on trying to find a solution to the following. We have a dashboard we'd like to use to understand the workload across all of our standard projects. Specifically, we want to know the number of tasks assigned to each person by health status.

The Folder "Standard Projects" includes multiple sheets, and will continue to grow (possibly over 100)

Each of those sheets use the same template (example shown below):

Is it possible to create a report or sheet to link to the dashboard that can end up looking something like this (note, this is from a single large project that I've put together for reference):

The most important thing is this scales and doesn't require I update links and formulas each time we make a new project because it will be a very regular occurrence.

  1. If new employees are hired and assigned tasks, the report/sheet/dashboard can update automatically
  2. If additional projects are placed in the "Standard Projects Folder", they'll automatically be considered in the total count