PowerAutomate Microsoft Form Submission Date to Smartsheet Date Column


Good Morning,

Hoping someone might provide some expertise on a date conversion issue I'm having. I have a Microsoft PowerAutomate set up to bring Microsoft Form responses to Smartsheet and create a new row. I would then like to identify forms submitted which =Today() give it a 1, then that is used in other columns which track responses for Today only. Originally I built the comparison against the create date of the row =IF(Created@row = TODAY(), 1, 0) which works fine for part of the day, but not all of it because I believe its basing it off of Smartsheet server time and not my local EST time. In the screenshot below you can see where some create dates are 12/14 and some 12/15, but the formula is saying both are equal to Today.

There is an option in PowerAutomate to bring the date and time from the form into the sheet, but I can't seem to find the right date format that the Smartsheet date column will accept. I've tried at least 5 of the below and each time it says errors out my automation because Smartsheet doesn't recognize the value as a date.

There is a screenshot below of what is available for MS date formatting, or it has an option for custom value for the formatting.

Hoping someone can provide insight on either of the below. Thank you so much for your help!

1) the right format to put in PowerAutomate for my date column to accept (easiest) or

2) formula to give help me achieve the 1 for = Today()


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