Move Rows Doesn't Work When Cell is Linked?


I am trying to setup a process using Smartsheet and the move row function doesn't seem to work. My process includes 2 sheets:

1. Sheet A

2. Sheet B

When I change a specific cell in Sheet A, there is an automation to copy the row to Sheet B, which works perfect.

Then, I have a DataMesh setup where the Source Sheet is Sheet B, Destination Sheet is Sheet A. The cell linking works perfect, when a cell is updated in Sheet B, it links to Sheet A, that all works great.

The problem is, I then have an Automation in Sheet A to move a row if the linked cell changes to a specific value. When the value changes based on the cell link, it doesn't move the row. When I unlink the cell and manually type the specific value, it moves the row.

Does the Move a Row automation not work if the trigger is a linked cell?