How I can extract the creation date and time of a Jira ticket into Smartsheet


In Jira, the creation date has the date and time of creation, when I call from smartsheet the creation date I can only get the date, but I need the time too, the same thing is happening with the Date updated field. How can I get in smartsheet the date and the time for these fields?

Thank you in advance for your support



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Abelis Salazar

    Smartsheet does not currently have a timestamp or time column, so it's not possible to record this information from Jira into Smartsheet - it will just record the date (as you've found). Please submit your feedback to our Product Team through this form, here!

    You could potentially set up a Created Date system column within Smartsheet which would record the date that the row is created along with the time, but this would show the date and time for Smartsheet, not for Jira.

    Another option may be to look into stripping the time from the date in Jira, then mapping this to a Text/Number column in Smartsheet, but I don't know Jira well enough to provide instructions on how to do this or if it's a feasible solution.