Connect Tableau Online to Smartsheet


I inserted a visualization I did on Tableau to Smartsheet, it worked but it seems that in order to others see the visualization they also have to login to Tableau Online. Problem is that my colleagues don't have a Tableau account, they do have a Smartsheet account and that was the reason to integrate both apps. Any suggestion?


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Yoel Velazquez

    It's my understanding that in order to see Tableau content, even published content that is displayed somewhere else (like in a Dashboard), users would need to have a Tableau account as you've outlined.

    I found this Tableau article (here) that goes through adding users. Based on this it sounds like your users would need to have at least Viewer permissions in order to see content, but I am unsure whether or not that would require a license as well.

    You may want to discuss this further by posting in the Tableau Community instead (see here).

    I hope that helps!



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