Allowing non Admin/Owner users to hide a column


I have a number of users that have want certain columns to show on their project plans, I have other users that want the exact same columns hidden, and yet other users that want them sometimes hidden and sometimes not hidden.

Is there any way to allow users (licensed and non-licensed, but none of them Admins or Owners) to hide columns at will? Yes, I could do something very inelegant with a report off of the project plan sheet that would include only needed columns, but that really is not the solution I need.

My project managers are trying to run CFT calls, and at times need to hide or reveal certain columns so they can make updates, or allows other data to fit on the screen without scrolling.

I would love the ability, as an Owner or Admin, to set a column to "can be hidden by all" and that would allow users to hide and reveal those specific columns at will. Even a filter work around would be acceptable at this point.



  • Chris Mondeau
    Chris Mondeau ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @David Dolch I think there's some functionality like this in the WorkApps tool. Depending on the group you can fully configure who see's/edits which columns without exposing any of the other cell data to the wrong user group.

  • David Dolch
    David Dolch ✭✭✭✭✭

    That is not quite the functionality I am looking for. That functionality is more like Dynamic View, where users only see a portion of the sheet depending on the permissions associated with their log in.

    What I need is more like the ability to toggle between Grid and Gantt view in a project plan. Any user can switch between Grid and Gantt views, to allow them to see the Gantt chart or to see more of the information in the plan columns.

    We have about 15 columns on our project plans. They do not all fit on the screen at once. For example we have three columns for baseline information. Sometimes the PM wants to see the baseline information, but when they are updating current task information, they do not want to see the baseline columns. They want the ability to hide and unhide the baseline information columns at their discretion. However there are other helper columns on the sheet that as an Admin I do NOT want them to ever see.

    I need something like a setting, per column, for "allow all users to hide and unhide"

    What is very frustrating is the multiple calls a day I receive where people say "I can do it in MS Project, why not in Smartsheet."

    I need to find a way to allow the "common" user to customize certain aspects of their view.

  • okie4ever

    Amen and amen! In 2024 this functionality apparently still does not exist. I was told to export out to EXCEL, hide the columns so my research could make sense of the large number of columns and still keep track of the key field that I needed to relate to the nether-most columns. I get it that the collaboration is a benefit, but is it worth the efficiency loss when everyone is struggling with the restricted functionality? Why would a "smart" tool provide less basic functionality, like hiding columns, that the "basic" tool?