Summarize two columns

I'm trying to count the # of instances based on criteria from two columns. I must be missing something from my formula. I'm trying to count the total how many times "SRC" objectives there are that do not have a status of Blue. So, I want it to count statuses with "Red, Green, and yellow" where the business vertical column contains "SRC" in the same row.

=COUNTIF([Business Vertical]11:[Business Vertical]80, HAS(@cell, "SRC") + COUNTIF(Status11:Status90, NOT(@cell, "blue")))


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  • Leibel S
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    @Shane Sorensen

    2 Things:

    1. When entering multiple criteria you need to use COUNTIFS
    2. In your formula the status range was a different size then the Business Vertical range.

    See below corrected formula:

    =COUNTIFS([Business Vertical]11:[Business Vertical]90, HAS(@cell, "SRC"), Status11:Status90, NOT(@cell = "Blue"))